wedding dresses with mixed blue and white color

Around this time every year our schedules get completely cray cray! Between cramming in all our last minute summer trips and activities, getting ready for the school year, and the other zillion things that seem to come up around this time, I feel like my head is spinning! When we get to this level of insanely busy I tend to let things like self care and meal planning fall to the way side, and ultimately end up dragging you-know-what.

So I came up with this energy reset protocol. You guys, I have been doing this for only 3 days, and my energy level is INSANE! I'm not talking about that cracked out, too much caffeine, heart racing type of energy, I'm talking about I feel GOOD. I realized this morning just how well it was working when I noticed it was only 8:30 and I had showered, dressed, did last night's dishes, switched, started and folded laundry, swept the kitchen, took care of a few posts in my Back to School event (which you can totally still join in on btw), gotten the baby up and changed and started breakfast. WOAH! I even noticed it yesterday when I realized I made it through the entire afternoon without my usual post lunch crash. wedding dresses with mixed blue and white color

So here it is. The basis for this protocol is the Life Long Vitality supplements. I normally only take a half dose of these but decided to up it to a full dose for awhile. We don't realize it, but even the best of diets are deficient in essential nutrients because our soil is depleted and we are inundated with toxins. These supplements are like the gold standard in supplement world if you ask me.

Next is Slim and Sassy. I know what you're thinking, it sounds like a gimmicky weight loss product. I will admit this is the one blend that I can't stand the name of, but I LOVE the oil itself. It is Doterra's proprietary metabolic blend. I use a combined total of about 20 drops a day between adding it to my water and applying over my kidneys, belly, and bottoms of feet. Supporting our cells metabolic function has the very pleasant side effect of, you guessed it! Increased energy!

Last is Mito2Max. This is a natural, caffeine free energy and stamina complex. I absolutely LOVE this supplement because rather than giving me heart racing jitters followed by a hard crash, it works in a subtle way, leaving me feel naturally energized with zero crash at all. Normally I would take 1 or 2 of these throughout the day if I was feeling a little sluggish, but for the next few weeks I am amping it up to 3 or 4. What's really awesome is when Mito2Max is purchased as an add on to the Life Long Vitality supplements you save somewhere around 50% on them!

Here's the real kicker, If you sign up for a wholesale membership with ANY of doterra's enrollment kit options, or a minimum 100 point enrollment order, you will have access to a FREE month's worth of the Life Long Vitality supplements!!! These are doterra's #1 selling product, above any oil or other product they sell. There's a good reason for that folks, these puppies WORK!

Are you ready to have your old energy back? Do remember what it feels like to make it to the bottom of your to-do list and still have energy to spare? Do you want to be able to keep up with your work, your kids, your life? I want so badly to help you get there! Let me know if you are interested or have any questions and we will work together to get you where you want to be <3