wedding of bohemian

LORD JESUS CHRIST!!..................

GOSH OPPA, it is for girl talk, YOU are not included sorry OPPA YAH HAHAHAhA and wedding of bohemian
I LOOK at the lace, OH GOSH, CAN I SEE, CAN I SEE, I WANT TO see what it is
OPPA, did you not hear what ELAINE says, she say that is BARBIE you cacoon head,
I am standing next to you and I heard everything and I turn my face, OH OH, I AM
going to bite your nose SOON and will choke that neck, OH GOSH, me arms are
shaking, MY jaws are shaking TOO, you see you see, my cheeks are going to turn
purple and ONCE BING BING BRRIIING I WILL and my younger sister looks HAhAHAHA,
WHAT OPPA YAH, you still want to bite but never DO HAHAHAHAHA OH BE quiet, JUST
come and sit in the blanket, Are you not hot, LOOK, the SUN, it is boiling hot
out here, IF you sit, then it be more cooler, but and my younger sister walks
into the blanket and I AM still standing up looking around, head turn side to
side, left to right looking, OH GOSH that looks like an OWL HAHAHAHAHA, LOOK At
your OPPA HAHAHAH and ELAINE points the finger at my nose HAHAhAH UNNI, ESTHER
UNNI, LOOK at that head, he moves and my younger sister YEAH, he has no neck,
HAHAHAHAH, I mean his head is big and makes his neck so small, that is ALL
sisters and MY MAMA looks SON, SON, why are you standing there and the two
sisters both walks inside after taking off the shoes and my mama is sitting on
the side, SON, give me what is in your hands and my younger sister arms both
stretches out, OPPA, give it to me first then I WILL pass it to our OH MAH and I
would turn my upper body, both arms stretches and her hands grabs, and my
younger sister turns her upper body and gives what is in her hands to my mama,
OKAY NOW, SON, COME inside, YOU ARE not just going to stand

there all day Are you, and my younger sister looks UP, OPPA, OPPA YAH, COME, I
see tears on the forehead, YOU NEEDS and my finger points to the laces of both
shoes, OH OH and my younger sister turns her head to my mama, OH MAH YAH, OH I
think he does not want to take his shoes because He has to go back and tie his
laceS, I think he has no confidence in tying his SHOE LACES HAHAHAHAHAHa and
both sisters looks UP at me, OH MOE OH MOE OH MOE YAH, But we both, all of us
saw your mama tying the laces for him today, I mean he, he did not learn it then
and my younger sister looks at both sisters, MY OPPA is a very slow learning, if
he was an ANIMAL, he is a TURTLE, HAHAHAHAHHA, they are very very slow
creatures, put them on the land, they will walk for years I THINK just to get to
one place oH GOSH, that is ME OPPA, you have to give him thousand voices and I
turn ON NO you do not sissy, I CAN LEARN FAST and my younger sister looks UP,
HAHAHAHAH, OPPA, then prove it to us, then, take your shoes off, pull down the
laces and since you say YOU CAN learn fast, YOU CAN SHOW US what MAMA, our OH
MAH taught you today about the two laces she showed YOU, TELL US three sisters
and the finger points and goes around, I want to see, I want to see OPPA YAH HUH
you do not have anything weighing down your BACK, the turtles has a big ole
shells on their back, that is the reason WHY they can be walking so slow, but
OPPA, what is in your back, NOTHING, OH OH your head, IT IS big like a turtle
shell, but where is the thinking side of that brain in the inside HUH, SOO
SHHHHH OPPA, and I begin to move me jaw, I am going to bite and the finger
points to my NOSE and ELAINE LOOKS AT ME and turns her head to my younger
sister, HAHAHAHA, LOOK AT your oppa, HAHA his cheeks OH GOSH, it changes
different colors, HE shows me a rain BOW, OH WOW WOW, it is a rainbow on both
cheeks, WE do not needs to see no rain and the sun to show Rain BOW,

just look at his cheeks, THERE is the RAIN BOW HAHAHAHAHAH and I am going to
kick that nut head, LET me see how far that beach ball head can FLY, Maybe
people can pick me and scout me for soccer, OH GOSH, but I can show you, can the
head fly and his the birds in the air, they be flying and the head goes WHOOP
WHOOP and it scares the birds when they see it flying oH NOO WOOOO HAHAHAHAHA
and my mama looks and my head starts to feel this boil, OH GOSH, My head looks
like it is on fire, THEY are starting a grill on top of me HEAD, OH WHAT is the
sun doing, a BAR B QUE, OH GOSH ONLY a STEAK and show Pork chops, JUST bring it
down on my side AHH WOO AHH WOO AHH WOO GAH HAHAHAHAHHA I WILL chomp it up
AHHHHH and I lift up my head and open my mouth AHHH and ELAINE LOOKS OINK OINK,
look at your oppa, what is he opening his mouth like that, and tilt his head
back, WHAT IS he doing, oH waiting for the RAIN so he can show me the BOW over
his cheeks HAHAHAHAH, OH LOOK UNNI DWUL RAH, HE IS and my younger sister looks
UP OINK and turns her upper body and both hands holds the arm and pulls DOWN OH
MAH OH MAH YAH, what is that son of yours doing, WHY IS he just standing there
and open his mouth, OH MAH YAH, look, I think he needs to take off that outfit,
that BUSH head is going crazy, OH OH IT IS his rabies HAHAHAHAHAH, I think when
people would see that, OH GOSH that is NOT ME brother, a BIRD flys and something
hits my forehead and BOTH eyes are closed and ONE eyes opens OINK and I am
thinking UM, what is this feeling and I move my head and looks straight OH GOSH,
UNNI, and Elaine turns her upper body and pULLS ESTHER's ARM and points to my
forehead UNNI YAH and pulls UNNI and my other opens and I am looking around,
something feels so aweful something hits my head and HAHAHAHAHAHA, OH GOSH UNNI
YAH LOOK, LOOK At the forehead of DJ, OH GOSH LOOK and my younger sister turns
and looks UP HUH and my mama OH GOSH SON, what is on that forehead and I am
turning my head side to side and open my mouth OH WHAAATTT OH GOSH UNNI and I
look at ELAINE, what is that on your head? OINK, and I am like WHAT, I DO

not see, WhAT I DO NOT SEE, and my younger sister AHHH HAHAHAHAH WOO WOO HOO
HAHAHAHAH, IS that, OH GOSH NOO WOO and turns her head to ELAINE, you do not
know what that is, OH GOSH, OPPA, what did you do to the sky, WHAT DID you do,
why did you open your MOUTH so wide, it must be the clouds that got angry and
BELIEVE what I AM SEE ING HAHAHAHA and my mama looks, my daughter, NEH DAL LEH
ME YAH, what is that on your OPPA's forehead and her finger points, and I am
moving side to side my head WHAAATTT WHAAAT IS IT and my younger sister looks OH
MAH, you do not know what that is, that is UMM, I AM NOT going to say it, it is
going to make OPPA look like a GOOFY little BUSH HEAD HAHAHAHAHAHa, OH NOO WOO
and ELAINE LOOKS at my head and she looks at my younger sister, oH OH I SEE I
SEE and ESTHER LOOKS at mE HAHAHAHAHAHAH OH I know what that is and my mama
turns to look at me, SON, WHAT IS that on your forehead And I am like I DUNNO OH
MAH YAH, I was closing me eyes and something fell, and MY younger sister looks
at my mama and Knodds her head side to side, OH NO, OH MAH, you really do not
know what that ishh and her head turns and finger points to my nose HAHAHAH, OH
WHAT WILL fall from the sky other then RAIN, or like hailstorm, what else would
come DOWN, OH MAH YAH, and NOO WOO, we are not underneathe no tree so do not
think about nuts, or branches or accorns either, I told you, if oPPA was under
that tree, HAHAHAHAAHa, I think what he thinks a SQUERIEL is a CHIPMONK, they be
angry at OPPA, he is soo lucky that it is only that, if he was under a tree, the
OWL might attack his face if there was an OWL, but the chipmonks is what he
calls the Squerriels will say oh LOOK at that FACE, and tells their little
friends, OH Friends and friends and blow whistles, OH GOSH and bunch of little
CHIPMONKS, Friends, let

us practice, it is a target practice, if the enemies would COME, we can use the
accorns for our defenses so this is the greatest chance to throw nuts and accorn
on our target, that is a BIG face HAHAHAHAHAHA and I stood there, ONE eye close
and open, the other eye close and open, STILL he does not know what that is,
HAHAHAHAH and I am moving my head left to right, OH WAAAHHH WHAT is it and my
mama looks, SON, SON and come, Let me see, let me wipe with the napkin and my
younger sister turns her head and looks at me MAMA, OH MAH YAH, do you know what
that is, so you are going to wipe something you do not know, THAT IS and I look
WHAT WHAT!! A EISH and my younger sister turns, OH GOSH, it is now starting to
move, it is sliping ON WEEEE hahaha, OKAY, OH MAH and the head turns to my face
OPPA, stop jumping, NOO WOO STOP IT right there and I stop HUH, I WILL tell you
you ugly bean head, that is a BIRD POOP, HAHAHAHAHHAHa OH GEEZZ, that is one and
ask you WHY did you tilt your head and open your mouth wide like that, and I AM
thinking OH GOSH, DO NOT think, you know why you did it, tell us first then I
WILL tell you what happened and I AM like, OH GOSH and my finger on top of me
head, screetch screetch scratch scratch, HAHAHAHAHAA OH OH YAH OH SISSY, the SUN
was boiling me head and it got hot on top of my skull and I begin to think about
FOOD HAHAHHAH OH that is HUH, what HOW can you think about FOOD when your top of
the head be boiling, OH GOSH I guess it does not matter what season it is, even
on a hail storm I thinking OPPA be doing the same, HAHAHAH, and WHILE OPPA is
thinking about FOOD, what to put in your mouth, the bird is looking for what too
take out of the stomache and he begin to fly around looking for a potty HOLE ANd
saw, OH MY MY MY, in the air he looks oH GOSH, look, that is a big POTTY HOLE,

OOOOW and HE says oH HIM JO and it came out and land, he looks down darn it, I
missed it, wells next time I will try to do it, I hope it be still there waiting
for MEEE EEEE HAHAHAHHA and Now he is going to fly around and tell his friends,
IF you eat and oh boy fill so full, oH I know a great place where you can throw
your feces at a hole HAHAHAHAHAH WOOO WEEE GAL LEE, you see, both of you thought
the same, OPPA was asking for something to COME IN, that bird was getting it out
but he ate, OH BOO WOO BOO WOO he missed so no food for You OPPA HAHAHAHA OPPA,
but why would you think when we have this right here, I DO not get it YOU BUCKET
HEAD, LOOK OPPA, we do have sandwiches to eat, DO you not see and you have to
think something else OH GOSH, a BUFFET right OPPA, I know OPPA LOVES to eat a
lot of foods, and I LOOK down, OH MOE OH MOE YAH, ELAINE LOOKS and points her
food, OH HURRY UP to your oh mah DJ, look that poop is sliding down, it might
fall into your mouth hahahahah and I look at my mama, AH EE GOO CHAM.. AH EE GOO
CHAM, OPPA, if you only listened to our voice of OH MAH sooner, then that bird
would not find your opened MOUTH HAHAHAHA, that is WHY when you think so slow,
you will not respond so well and there is a problem that and the finger points
to the forehead, BIRDs will attack cause they are faster then OPPA's brain or
when you just do not listen to the right voices, LOOK At what the consquences is
and ELAINE covers her mouth with both hands AHHH HAHAHAHAHAH, your OPPA is funn
eee HAHAHAHAhA, and my mama raises her arm, SON, SON AH DOR RAH, COME to your
MAmA and I hear voices in the back HAHAHAhAH and the four older men comes and my
father hAhAHAHA, I know it is time for us to go fishing, OPPA, come and sit, DO
not and my father walks and stands next to me OINK, SON, AH DOR RAH and I AM
looking around, OH GOSH, MY WIFE, what is that on my son's forehead and the
three men stops and stands next to my father OINK, and I am looking down OH MOE

look down it is slipping more further DOWN HAHAHAHAH and my father looks at me
and turns his head to look at my mama, UM, my husband, a bird pooped on your
son's forehead hahahahaha and the three men, OH GOSH, and GOSH it is a lot that
has landed, YOUR SON, you know he never listens to the right kind of voices and
my younger sister interupts, YES oppa never listens, only after HAHAHAHAHA, look
all of us see HAHAHAHAHAH OH MY MY MY GOOO OOOD GOOOD NESS and I slip and fight
as I pull my foot right and left out of the both shoes and I walk into the
blankets, HAHAHAHa and my father looks as I run and I turn and sits on my mama's
lap, I will be over there and he points to the water, COME after you are done if
you need anything and the four men would gather and they would walk together OH
GOSH HAHAHAHAHAH, OPPA OPPA YAH, I WONDER what the men is thinking look at his
face and my mama hand on right grabs my face and with the other hand would use
the napkin to pull the bird poop OH GOSH HAHAHAHAHA and my younger sister looks
at me, OH MOE, that is what he gets for never listening or maybe just responding
very slow HAHAHAHAHA, and ELAINE LOOKS HAHAhAHA UNNI, I never seen a bird poop
on anyone but HIM, it is that GREEN, they think he is a bush and OPENING his
mouth looks like the best part of pooing cause a BUSH with a HOLE, OH MOE they
say this is me target HAHAHAhAH and my mama looks at me, OH SON, I told you not
to just stand THERE, when will you just learn to listen, I Wonder where you got
this from, I wonder is it from your FATHER SIDE, or is it, OH NO, We listen, OH
SON never listens, very stubborn like a DONKEY OH GOSH, NOW LOOK, you are making
me work double, you see you see, I DO not have to do this but look SON, OH OH
and I sat there quietly HAHAHAHAHA OH MAH, I think AH PAH never listens too huh,
he is very stubborn, I THINK it must be on his blood, NO wonder AH PAH and OPPA
never gets along too well, HE IS just like his father HAHAHHA, I wonder tho if a
Bird ever poop on father's forehead,

OH NO, ONLY it be HIM, OPPA IS just more crazier I GUESS to do that, WHO IN the
world will stand out in that heat, the SUN IS very hot in this time of the day
and OPEN your MOUTH, WHO would do that HAHAHAHAHA, that is very very funny right
there, and I AM LOOKING DOWN, OH GOSH and I point, Are we not going to eat and
MY MAMA looks at me, HAHAHAH, OKAY SON, you may sit next to your younger sister,
I AM done picking on your head and I get up on both feet and I would walk down
and sit next to my younger sister and I look over, OKAY and my mama starts to
unwrap the bread, NOW NOW my kids, and I am looking accross and I LOOK OINK, OH
GIVE me that JAR and I point my finger, and ELAINE looks down HUH, GIVE you what
I look GIVE me that JAR, that PEANUT BUTTER, I want to try and taste and SEE,
GIVE ME that peanut butter JAR, let me first see and my younger sister turns her
head, OPPA, you needs to calm DOWN, just be patient, YOU WILL get that jar
after, YOU SEE mama is going to make the sandwiches, and I point, my head turns
to look at my younger sister, OH SISSY, BUT I love to just taste that PEANUT
BUTTER, I WANT TO SEEE EEE and I turn my head looking at ELAINE, ELAINE, let me
see that JAR, and ELAINE looks at me OINNK, OH NOO WOO, I am the keeper to the
JAR after, when your mama ask for the JAR, I will give it to her, so she can And
I am like oH MOE OH MOE YAH, I want to taste and SEE, I need me that JAR AAARR,
OH GIVE it, or I AM going to and ELAINeS looks at me OH NOO WOO, YOU See that
your OH MAH gave it to me to keep it, she gave it to me until she says she wants
it back YOU HAVE to ask your OH MAH first, OR I WILL never give it, OINK and I
Point, that is ME peanut BUTTER, that is MINE you and my younger sister turns
her head Excuse MUAH, HUH, OINK, OPPA, DID you just say something to ELAINE that
is INcorrect, for your INFORMATION OPPA, you did not purchase that peanut butter

and you did not even work for that jar either, YOU DO NOT even have a job in the
first place so HOW can it be yours, if you have a JOB and you work to make money
and you are the one to go to the store and it was YOU who went and purchase
yourself, and from your own paycheck that you worked very hard for it, THEN I
will not say a word, BUT OPPA, your name is not written in that JAR and NO WOO,
you did not go and buy that for yourself and YES ELAINE is right you co co nut
head, OH MAH gave it to her to be the keeper, she gave it and I saw with my both
eyes and they were not closed OPPA YAH, your bee bee eyes, maybe oppa needs a
surgery to make it wide if you saw the same thing and has witness the same today
as I did, OPPA need glasses or your eyes needs to be more wider, ElAINE YES do
not give it to this greedy little fat MONKEY head, OH NO, keep it until our OH
MAH says it is time and I turn my face OINK, BUT IT is from my house and SHE
LOOKS HAHAHAHAH, your apartment, who is paying rent you OH GOSH bush face, I
wonder why the Bird would poop on your forehead cause OPPA is funny bush head
HAHAHAHAHAH and the two sister HAHAHAHAhA OH MOE OH MOE YAH and I point I NEED
to taste and SEE, let me see that PEANUT BUTTER and my mama turns her head SON,
do not raise your VOICE, SIT there and be polite OR I WILL NOT give you any
sandwich, OINK OH MAH and I turn my head, OH so you going to starve me, WHAT IF
I DIE and my younger sister oH HAHAHAHA, OPPA, I think with your size, you can
live for maybe months HAHAHAH, just give you water HAHAHA, ANYWAYS it be better,
lose your TOM TOM be fine, NO MORE calling you the brother of a PIGLET
HAHAHAHAHA and I I OH NOO WOO, OPPA yeah SHHH, DO you want a sandwich, BE
patient and wait, OH MAH will give you the sand wich and I POINT BUT I love love
the taste only that

PEANUT BUTTER and I look OH what does it say, it is more creamy, OH GOSH, that
YUMS and Is sat there and My mama looks at ELAINE, can you please hand me the
two jars and ELAINE LOOKS OH MRS. JO, yes I will give it to YOU and Elaine gets
up on two feet and walks to my MAMA, oh here is the both jars and the one she
hands by one, OH THANK you little ELAINE and I turn my head PISH, OH GOSH, OPPA,
I can hear you, DO NOT say PISH to ME EE and I point, I was not saying to you
you beaver head, I want to see that OH MOE OH MOE OH MOE YAH, OPPA, did you just
call me a beaver head oh you big fat MONG GOOSE OH LET me see those cheeks and
bite with my jaws, I can even break logs, your face be easier HAHAHAHAH AHH
HAAAAAa HEEEEE and I look OH GOSH SISSY and my mama looks at the bread and the
knife and starts to dig into the jars and smears, ESTHER, what would you want me
to add on the bread of the jars and she looks oh MRS. JO, peanut butter and
grape please, and my mama would smear and I point OOH OOO OOH OH GOSH LOOK and
My finger point at the smear, I LOVE me that colors WAAH WEEE HAHAHAHaH OH MOE,
what is that and I would look at Esther, OH MOE WOW WOW WEE and Esther looks at
me, THAT IS Grape JAM and Peanut butter, I CANNOT wait and SEE and I would
both feet and my mama would have a board and CUT the lettuce oH WOW and I LOOK
HAHAHHA, gosh and ham and balony next, OH WOW WOW WAAaH OOOOW GOSH that looks so
YUMS and I begin to OPPA, you needs to sit on down, what if another bird will
fly and now she will poop on you, it is better to wait and SEE OPPA YAH and I am
pointing, OH GOSH, that look so yums tho sissy, YOU HAVE to see from this angle,

my younger sister looks UP, OH BOY, what would of happened if we be under the
tree, he would be doing flips and circles and run around like a CHICKEN WITH NO
HEAD, good thing we are out here, HAHAHAHAhAH and I point oH MOE and my mama
would put the lettuce OH and she also had tomato, and ONIONS TOO and balony with
hand and put both bread, CHA ESTHER and Esther stands up on both feet, oh Mrs.
Jo, thank you and she walks and both hands grabs the sandwich and she turns and
looks at ME and I am like OH GOSH, I love that, and my mama looks at ELAINE, how
about YOU and she looks OH I love me strawberry and peanut butter please and I
LOOK at my mama, OINK, OH MOE, HOW ABOUT ME OH MAH YAH, can you not see HOW much
I want to eat, OH GOSH I am now going to rub me tom tom OH MOOEEEE YAH and I
point OH and ELAINE looks UP at me HAhAhAha, I bet your mama is going to give it
the last because you never listen you donkey head HAhAHAH and I look OH YEAH and
I point I am going to jack your sandwich and she looks and shows me her teeth,
OH HAhAHA, I AM going to scratch you DJ if you come near me sandwich and I open
and move me jaw up and down, OH GOSH, do you want rabies, I WILL give you rabies
you little MONK head oH YEAH, try me and SHE gets up OPPA, OPPA yah and the hand
grabs my arm and pulls me, OPPA, DO NOT test and see, DO NOT test and SEE and my
mama would smear the straw berry jam on one side of bread, and peanut butter on
the other side, places, balony and ham, lettuce tomato and onions and put the
other bread and CHA, ELAINE, here is your sandwich and She walks to my mama and
both hands opens, HERE is your sandwich, and ELAINE looks OH Thank you Mrs. JO
and bows her head and turns and I LOOK GOSH, even that color of the jams looks
great, OH GOSH, I DO NOT know what now what to put on my breads and I WOULD bend
down and SIT, I would look up, OPPA, and my younger sister taps my shoulder TAP
TAP TAP, HOW do you like this place HUH and I am thinking, GOSH I DO NOT like
this place, OH

HEHEHEEH, WHy I though you love fishing and I AM LIKE I DO Not like me fishing
and I hear BUZZING, OINK, SISSY, do you hear something and my head turn right to
left OINK, BUSSSIIIING IINNG, I raise up my arm and slap my ear, OINK, I hear
something SISSY, DO YOU HEAR and she turns her face and looks at ME, HUH, hear
what, OH GOSH SISSY, YOU DO NOT HEAR, you must go to the doctor too, check out
what is the problem with YOUR EARS, I can hear things right now, it is making a
BUZZING NOISE OH gosh and I am moving my head side to side, my mama says MY
DAUGHTER, what would you like on your breads and she looks, OH MAH, I would like
me the grape and peanut butter please and I am moving around oH GOSH, you do not
hear that noise and BUSSSING, BUZZZIING and I am like oh GOSH, and I be looking
around, Where is that SOUND and my mama looks at me, SON, SON, WHY are you
moving so much and I turn to look, OH MAH, I am hearing sounds and THEY are
making the BUZZING sounds around me ears and My mama looks OH OH HAHAHAH, SON it
is the mosquitos, they must be asking for something and My younger sister OH
HAHAHAHA, I remember, they will never stop attacking HIM, he must has sweet and
sour BLOOD, OR HOT blood I do not know what it is and my arms be swinging around
OH GOSH OPPA and my younger sister looks at me HAHAHAH, why is all these nature
creatures always attack you so much, HAHAHAHA, firs the bird that poops on your
forehead and NOW the MOSQUITOS, and I CAN see even the little JELLYFISH too,
they will attack oppa the last time we went, HAHAHAHAHA, they would not stop
shooting the darts at you, and ELAINE LOOKS AT ME, and I am still swinging both
arms, GOSH, GAH LEE, and my mama looks OKAY SON, I have the OFF here with ME,
GET UP and come to me and I walk to my MAMA, OH BOY OPPA YAH, DO you see
anything happening to US, and I look, ELAINE, is anything bothering you,
anything biting YOU and she

looks HAHAHAHAH NOOO WOO, how about YOU ESTHER UNNI and she looks at me NOO WOO,
Nothing is biting me either, and I look at my mama and I am standing next to
her, SON, and her hand presses the bottle and the arm moves up and down and she
tells me move in circles and I move in circles for her and My younger sister
looks at ME HAHAHAHA OPPA YAH, how does that feel now, YOU THINK the mosquitoes
going to bite you anymore and I LOOK at my mama and look back NOO WOO, I DO NOT
think so I FEEL like it is shielded to protect ME NOW, and MY MAmA looks at me,
NOW SON, what would you like on your two pieces of bread, and I LOOK, OH GOSH,
peanut BUTTER and GRAPE HEEEEE and my mama smiles, SON, go and sit, wait
patiently and I turn around and I WALK down and stand next to my younger sister
and sit my mama looks at my younger sister, MY DAUGHTER, neh DAL leh meh yah,
here is the sandwich for YOU and your OPPA and she passes the sand wich and my
younger sister gives me the sandwich I LOOK, thank you mama, OH MAH YAH for
making me this and I LOOK at my younger sister, THANK you dong sang AH. The two
sisters looks oH GOSH that was a good sandwich OH MOE OH MOE OH MOE GOODNESS,
and my both arms lifts as my both hands on the sandwich and MY MOUTH OPENS and
lifts up to my mouth and I take a bite, OH JUICY JUICY OH MOE GOSH and my mouth
chews and chews, I take another bite, three four, OH GOSH, HOW DO YOU LIKE IT
SISSY and she looks oh YUMS OPPA YAH HEEE and both of us finishes the sandwich
and I LOOK, OH GOSH, and my mama looks at me, I want you my son to go out and
have some fun okay, and I want even the three of you and the three little yellow
girls looks at each other and smiles OKAY Mrs. JO and MAMA and the three

little yellow girls would put on their sneakers and they would tie the laces and
OINK, HAHAHAHAHAHA and my younger sister looks at me, OH MOE, OKAY, let me see
you OPPA, can you tie that lace on your shoes, and they look OH GOSH, HE
cheated, he did not pull down his lace HAHAHAHA, he made his legs come out of
that shoes, OH GOSH, I THOUGHT so, he does not know how to tie his laces yet, so
I LOOK at the shoes my right foot goes it and I would fight it with my foot to
go into the shoe OH GOSH, OH MAH YAH, you made it difficult for my foot to go,
it is so hard tied down, HAHAHAHAHA, OPPA, I think you needs to untie it then
you bony head, let me untie the lace so you can tie it for yourself and I look
OH NO, I can still fit my foot into, let me see let me see and I would fight my
foot into the shoe and it goes in, AH HA, WOO WOO WEE, I GOT it in, HAHAHAHAA,
BAK SOO BAK SOO and my both hands would hit together and ELAINE looks at me OINK
HUH, WHY is your OPPA only Applauding for himself, DID he do something specualar
and I am smiling reaL BIG, me lip stretch shape like a canoe HAHAHAHAHAH BAK SOO
and my younger sister looks at the two sisters, NO, he is crazy, he is the
ENGLISH BULL DOG with rabies, it must be that rabies starting to attack his
brains and making him at that way HAHAHAHAHAHA, and both sisters would laugh
HAHAHAHAHA, it is, better stay and give distance, OR HE WILL attack with his
teeth and I LOOK at the other shoe, OH MAN, I hate it when it is so tied down so
HARD, gosh it makes my foot hurt as I fight it into my shoe and I grab the other
shoe and put my foot oH GOSH HIM HIM and I AM PULLING the shoe into my foot and
MY LEG BE moving side to side, OH LOOK at that face HAHAHAH and ELAINE points,
he is making a GRINCH FACE, looks like a Square and ONE EYE BE CLOSE and tongue
sticks out and I WOULD PULL my arm and my foot finally goes inside, AHH
SOO!! BAK SOO!! OH YOU SEE YOU SEE my finger points at both shoes hahahaha, I
GOT it in and ELAINE turns her head to look at my younger sister, HAHAHAHAHA,
your oppa, HE has rabies, LOOK he is going crazy and the three little yellow
girls all

stand up on both feet, OH NAL RUH JAH BAH BAH RAH and ELAINE looks, OH YEAH, I
saw three bands in the van, and my younger sister looks OH MAH give me the keys
to the van, LET ME see, and my mama gives the key and my younger sister goes to
the van and unlocks the door and goes on the side and opens, she walks into the
van and I am sitting down OH GOSH it is getting hot out here, Where is a place
where I can cool me head, and I LOOK AT this large tree, and I get up on both
legs and would walk down to the big tree and I stand in the shade, OH GOSH, I
Love it when the wind starts to blow HAHAHAHAHA, itcools me down, MY younger
sister comes down the steps, OH MOE OH MOE, where is mY OPPA and ELAINE points
HAhAHAHAH, your OPPA, OH LOOK he is standing next to that tree HAHAHAHAHH and I
open my mouth AHHHHHH and yawn HAHAHAHAH and my hand be scratching me tom tom
hahah OH GOSH LOOK, and my younger sister looks HAHAHAH, it is the tree and the
BUSH, OH HOW NICE, I wonder if the squeriels are running through the branches
and they stop and look DOWN OH GOSH, LOOK, there is a BUSH where we can jump on
it, it be a softer landing, YOU SEE that green HAHAHAHAHAHA and the three little
girls are standing next to each other laughing HAHAHAHAH Tree and its friend the
BUSH, OH HOW NICE, and my younger sister looks at ESTHER, UNNI, do you want,
which band and she looks, OH, I AM sorry but I rather watch and SEE, I do not
want to wear no band and OH GOSH ELAINE LOOKS, OH then I want me the BUTTERFLY
and UNNI the two BEES OH YOU SEE and I am under the big tree, HAHAHAHAhA and I
look around and OH BOY BOY BOY and I look over, TWO girls are jumping up and
DOWN OH WEEEE, WEEEEE, OH WEEEEE and they are jumping up and down UP and down
and they start to spin in CIRCLES and I LOOK OH MOE OH MOE OINK OINK and My
finger points OH WOW WOW OH MOE. I look up OH TREE on wow wow and I would be
jumping Up and down, OH JOY EEEE BOING BOING BOING BEE BEE BEE and I would open

the Squriel, YOU say that the squriel would be on the branches, I DO NOT here
anything SISSY YAH, and I am looking up looking at tree branch underneath the
big tree, OPPA, HOW about looking for an OWL too, maybe it will show UP and
attack your fat round face, I NEver say that in that tree but I say that IF,
maybe there are squriels up there but when a BUSH is moving, they are not going
to be happy, they will say a moving BUSH, oh NO, what if I jump off the tree and
that bush moves out of the way, oh gosh, it might kill me and to think about a
bush that moves, that is NOT normal, they what a bush looks like if they been
through the bush in their lives, hahahahah, and I LOOK up, I do not see no owls,
either, SISSY, did you say Owls can be here too and I am looking up from branch
to branch and ELAINE LOOKS at my younger sister, OH GOSH, UNNI, I think your
OPPA sees an OWL, I want to see the OWL TOO, I want to see it flying down and it
looks at your OPPA as a fat HAMPSTER and they will call him a feast HAHAhA and
I turn around OH ELAINE, you can come and see and let him also attack YOU, WHERE
is the OWL SISSY, I DO Not see it my head is looking this way and that WAY
HAHAHAhA, UNNI, and my younger sister looks over, OPPA, when did I say that
there is an OWL, DO you think the OWLS are active in this time, it is the
daylight you bo bo head, look at the sun OPPA, it is not the time where the OWLS
want to come out and play and see, they love the night, SO why would the owls be
there in this time of the day OH GOSH and now you are making this youngest even
confused because of YOU WOO and Elaine lOOKS, UNNI, let us go and see the owls,
maybe YOUR OPPA spots one but he is not telling US, oh let us go and see and my
younger sister looks at her, OH GOSH, mang neh YAH, HAhAHAHAH, I DO not think
the owls are ready to be seen at this point and time of the day, you can see
later, when the moon rises and sun goes down, you will hear a sound and I AM
looking where is where is and my head moves side to side, OH

GOSH, I wish a little chipmonk rolls by and see that face and throws a potatoe
at that boys head, or something that will wake him up, I already told my OPPA,
ELAINE, do you understand and her head goes up and down, GOOD, well at least
this one knows, but that one over there and I Am pointing my finger what is that
creature, is that an OWL HAHAHAHAHAH and ELAINE, OINK OWL, REALLY, and she
begins to walk over ELAINE ELAInE, and the arm stretchs but ELAINE runs up under
the shade and stands next to me, OH GOSH, Dj, what do you see, I want to see and
I AM looking up oH GOSH, do you see that head over there, and her head turns and
looks, HUH, is that an OWL, and I turn my head to look at her, I DUNNO, it looks
like a furry creature and she opens her mouth, I DID not come here to look at no
furry creature, there is a lot of them furry creature on that tree, I came here
to look for an OWL, where is the OWL and I raise up my leg and I stomp down, I
DUNNO, but I see something moving on that branch, YOU SEE YOU SEE, but and
Elaine opens her mouth, an OWL, and I turn my head, I I, it is not an OWL, you
and my younger sister walkins into the shade and looks UP, HAHAHAHAHA, I guess
both of you are never going to solve anything like this, and Elaine turns her
head, UNNI, UNNI YAH, I am looking for an OWL, Your OPPA keeps on telling me a
FURRY creature, is OWL furry too, and my younger sister turns her head, YES,
they have furrs and has a big head like me OPPA, do you see a BIRD with a big
head up there on the branch and a squriel walks and stop, OH OH YOU SEE YOU SEE
and my finger points up to the branch, THAT IS the furry creature, and my
younger sister looks UP HAHAHAhAhAH, and turns her head, ELAINE do that look
like an OWL TOO YOU, you came here underneathe this tree for what, to see that
and the finger points up and her head looks up, OH NO, that is not an OWL, that
is a squriel yes, that was what me oppa was talking abouts HAHAHAHAHA, you see
you see OH GOSH, you are such a watermelon head, I came here for nothing and I
LOOK UP OH WAAaHH OOOOW oh GOSH, OPPA, you have never seen that before,

WHY are you so happy to see that, Even in our apartments, we have big trees and
many of those little furry, HAHAHAHAHA, we do not really see OWLS tho but to see
that OH NO, never come to the place where my OPPA is, you be here for nothing
HAHAHAHAHA and ELAINE looks at me, GOSH, I do not why, I SEE that at our
apartment, I see then even killed in the street, I seen then even close to me
apartment home, OH GOSH and I Am pointing it is a CHIP MONK, OH WOW WOW, that is
a CHIPMONK and ELAINE turns her head, UNNI, we just told your OPPA what that is,
why is he calling it a chip monk, that is NOT and my younger sister shredds, I
DUNNO, ask his brains, it is not wired correctly or always is confusing in his
mind, MAYBE in his world, he likes to create new names but in reality, it is off
the charts HAHAHAHAHA I DO KNOT WHY, but that is just him, if you get to know
him, you will to be a confused child and be in a la la la land HAHAHAHAHA, oh
weee, COME NOW, and I look OH WOW, another one SISSY, two now, they are chip
monks GOSH, Elaine let us go, I think if you stay here long enough, you will
start calling it chip monk as well, that creature has a name but I dunno where
he gets the names so confused HAHAHAha, if he was ADAM, oh GOSH EVE will be
confuse she be like I thought you call this a Squriel, NOW it has a new name,
chip monk, why are you always switching the names around, what is it really
HAHAHAHHAha, COME my child, LET us go before we start calling it chip monk and
the two little yellow girls would turn around and they walk out of the shade oH
GOSH, I thought I could see an owl, WHY would I go there to see a Squiriel but
look at what that little YELLOW BOY calls it a CHIP MONK, I am going crazy like
HIM. I LOOK OH WOW, another one, and another one, there are four CHIP MONKS and
another ONE five oH WOW WOW, must be having a family time HUH, let MEE eee and
the finger points to me chest, HAHAHAhAH WOO WEE, OH GOSH GOSH GOSH AHH DOO WHAT
DO I DOO WOO HAHAHAHAH and I begin to jump UP And UP and UP and make a circle

and ELAINE looks at Esther, UNNI, why are you so quiet today, you are not saying
to much, and she turns her head, I JUST FEEL sick, my stomache and I would look
around HAhAhAha and I feel, OINK, ONE eye close and it opens, WHAT is my tom tom
feeling, GOSH It feels and I look over, OH GOSH and Esther is touching her
stomache, and I look down at my tom tom, IS she feeling what I feel and SHE
turns around, I WILL be inside the van for awhile, I see you later and I look as
Esther would walk towards the van and Elaine looks, UNNI, I think I feel bad too
and I look HAHAHAHHA BROOOM OH OINK, and I look up the squriels all disappear
oINK, why do they run off like that, and I am looking, OH GOSH ELAINE touches, I
wonder why is me tom tom hurting and my younger sister, oH GOSH MEE too, I
wonder and I would lift up my right leg BROOOOM ROOOOOM OOOOM OH SHOO, OH GOSH,
UNNI, do you hear that sound, sounds like and I am looking around and I open my
mouth HAHAHAHAHAHA OH HAHAHAHHA what is that sound comes from, is there grass
around here, maybe this is someone's back yard and it needs to cut something
hahahaha I do not see any grass around here, and I raise up the left leg
BROOOOOM OOOOOM ROOOOM HAHAHHA OPPSE and I am turning around walking in circles
HAHAHAHA OH SHOO SHOO and I smile real big under the shade oH FAN ME FAN ME,
ELAINE OINK, did you hear that sound again, it sounds like a LAWN MOORE it is
like and she closes one eyes BROOOM ROOOM OOOOM OH GOSH and my younger sister
looks and BROOOOM OOOOOM ROOOM UNNI, it is YOU HUH, that sound is coming out of
that tom tom HEEE HAHAhAHAH are you making that noise and I am like HAHAHAHHA
BOOM OH HAHAHAHAH and I look OH GOSH, that is from YOU WOO OH NO and my younger
sister turns her head oH GOSH BROOM BROOM BOOM BOOOOOM OH WOW, that is loud, I
feel like a HARLEY DAVISON MOTOR BIKE just pass by HAHAHA, OH WOW LOOK, and
OOOM HAhAHAhaha it needs to stop, WHY SHOOO OOOO WOOO oh

stop it, It needs to stop HEHEHEH and I LOOK HAhAhah, you guys are so skinny but
over here, SISSY and ELAINE, we can make the sound together underneathe this
shade, and the five chip monks can come and join the band camp, the frogs are
going to have their greatest concert and we can here the chip monks gather and
sing a song out of our tune, our music, ELAINE has the sound of a trumbone, I be
the drum sissy can be the trumbone too HAHAHAHA, live music, free here, do you
is very loud a BOAT, boat with a large motor in the back HAHAHAHAHAH OH NOO and
my younger sister turns her head and points the finger on the side hAhAhAhah
ate what you ate, only is you ate the double amount AHHH HAHAHAHA OH SHOO SHOO
am going to die eee HAHAHAHAHA, FAN ME FAN ME AWAY HAHAHAhA. AND Elaine looks at
me, HAHAHAHAH, DJ did not eat much but GOSH, what has happened to his tom tom,
it is expanding, and my younger sister looks, NO, he is BULL FROGS but they have
babies now HAHAHAH and the adults are teaching their children the sound of
music, the croaking, how to be a trumbone HAhAHAHAhA WOO WOO HEEE AHH SAH, and
my younger sister starts to JUMP around in circles AH LA LA LA LA WOO WOO WEE
and ELAInE LOOKS OH GOSH, me too me too and she begin to jump around in circles
next to her OH LA LA LA LA LA LI LI LA OH YEAH YEAH, and my younger sister stops
and she POINTS Up to the sun ELAINE watch and see and She jumps UP and lifts up
the right leg and KICKS Up HI YAH, WOO HEHEHEHEHE, it is ME the NI NI NI NINJA
HAHAHAHAH and she points in the air and raises up the leg and kicks HIGH OH YOU
SEE YOU SEE HI YAH and smiles heeee, I stand there underneathe the tree looking
at the both faces, OH GOSH, they looks like they can kick my

head and knock it down, do NOT want to be on the bad side of the two little
yellow girls HAHAHAhAhaha. HEEE HAHAHAHAH I love love and I would look at the
three little, OPPA! OPPA! LOOK OH LOOKIE EEE and the finger points up and I
start to walk out of the shade, HUH, OINK OH WAH HAHAHAHA OPPA YAH OPPA NIM, OH
COME AND SEE OH SEE that SUN and my head tilts and I LOOK UP, OH SUN, GOSH,
SISSY, why do you think I went to this BIG TREE, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE the SUN, I
want to get away from that SUN, THAT SUN DO NOT LIKE ME HEAD and my arm raises
and it points to the top of my head YOU SEE YOU SEE, that sun might burn off all
my hairs, and might set it on fire on top, GOSH and my younger sister looks at
me HAhAHAHAHAHa, THAT BE NICE OPPA, I can put big leaves on your head, you will
look like a real BUSH HAhAhAhaha and the squiriels can really jump off from that
tree and have a land on your head, HAHAHAHA and I LOOK UP, is that why you
called me FOR, to show me this SUN, SISSY cannot you not see, OPEN your EYES why
I went to this big tree in the first PLACE you COO COO HEAD, I am going to kick
oh GOSH Elaine, did you hear what MY OPPA say, he is trying to use that violence
on ME, But oh look at them legs, they are so small and tiny, like a MIDGET, what
can that boy DO, and ELAINE turns her head UNNI, what if he can really kick you,
OH and my younger sister opens her mouth OPPA, show me your Karate KICK, show me
points to her nose HAHAHAHa and I LOOK at my younger sister HUH, ME KICK and the
finger points to my chest, OH HAHAHAHAhAH, WOO WOO WOO HEEE HEEE, OKAY, I show
you me ninja COW BOY and I raise my finger up and POINT HAHAHAHHA and my
waistline moves side to side oh dip dip dip doo dah dip dip dip and ELAINE turns
her head and looks at my younger sister, OINK, UNNI, what is your OPPA doing,
DID you not just say to KICK, but he is moving his waistline instead, that is
NOT KICKING and my younger sister looks at ME HUH, OPPA, I DID not say to dance
or move them HIPS, what DID I say OPPA, is your ears deaf, are

you a deaf person, DO you hear the words that is coming out of me MOUTH you
bubba bubba head and I STOP HUH, I SAY TO KICK you big fat baboon, what is that
stand and I would point to the head of ELAINE WAH YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH HAHAHAHA
and I lift up my leg and it swings front HI YAH and HAHAHAHAHah, OH GOSH NOO
WOO, HI YAH and I lift up my leg up and release swing front and it only goes to
my tom tom HAHAHAHAH and my younger sister looks at ME OH GOSH, is that really a
kick, NINJA COW COW COW BOY HEEE HAW AH Sah HAhAhAhAha and the three little
girls just stand there, ELAINE turns her head to look at my younger sister,
UNNI, is he really going to the TAE KWON DO SCHOOL, is the MASTER really a true
master, that is NOT A KICK HAHAHAHAHAHA, then I do not know what that is, and my
younger sister looks, THAT IS WHY I told HIM not to kick, that is NOT A NINJA
and he is not a cowboy because there is NO American INDIANS here and I do not
know where he and I AM lifting up me legs, right kick HI HI YAH HAHAHAHA WOO
WOO, LOOK At the head, it is flying to the air, HI HI YAH and I would lift up
left and right HI HI and I would start to walk OH GOSH NOO WOO and my younger
sister looks OH WOW WOW, and I am lifting up two legs swing LEFT KICK HI YAH,
sister looks, and her hand would scratch on top of ELAINE'S head, UNNI, what is
this hand doing scratching me head, and HOW about your head too, yes I am
confused but it should also be scratch scratch that top too and I AM SMILING
REAL BIG, OH GOSH, MAYBE we should give him the peanut butter, I think that will
help his head, and I am walking left right left right UNNI, tell your OPPA he
should go and stand underneathe that tree, I think your OPPA is right, the shade
helps him to clear his mind and the sun is helping

him to react lIKE and I open my mouth, Where is my INDIANS, I am going to show
me kick OH DI DI DI DAH KICK HI YAH HAhAhAH, OH goSH, and the shoe lands on the
ground, OH GOSh and ELAINE HAhAHAHAHAhAH, YOU SEE YOU SEE that shoe, your OPPA's
shoe flew, but it never went high HAHAHAHA and my younger sister looks, I think
MY OPPA is better with the marching band, I THINK he will be the number one and
I stop, OH WOO WOO HAHAHAHA, OH MY SHOE and I would point my finger on the
ground, SISSY, MY SHOE, YOU SEE ME SHOE, it is all because of YOU SISSY, YOU SEE
YOU SEE and HUH, OPPA, how can it be my fault, it is you who is thinking that
you can kick a head your legs cannot even go high, what is wrong with your
little legs OH GOSH, OPPA, why don't you go to the shade and stnad beside that
tree, I WILL bring you the peanut butter, maybe that will give you the taste to
CALM DOWN HAHAHAHAH and I look OINK, HOW about me SHOE SISSY OH GOSH, it is just
right there you big fat fruit basket head, GO get that shoe, ALL you need to do
is bend down and grab you big fat BABY and I SMILE real BIG HEEEE, and I would
bend DOWN, SiSSy, are you really going to get some peanut butter jar for ME, I
YAH oh GOSh and ELAINE taps on the shoulder, UNNI YAH, people are looking over
this way, and they are whispering, and my younger sister looks at ELAINE, YAh, I
see that people are trying to go fishing here but this big fat BOWLING BALL HEAD
is not quiet, he is disturbing their peace, oH GOSH, OPPA, SHHHH, OPPA YAH
SHHHHH and I open my mouth and I am bend down, my hand grabs the shoe, SISSY
YAH! SISSY YAH! I need the peanut butter JAR, YOU SAY for me to go to the tree
right, Are you going to get that peanut butter for MEE EEE and I would look, OH
GOSH OPPA, can you not be any louder, DO you not see the people moving their
heads and they are all whispering,

they are all looking at you coco nut head, they are wondering why is this yellow
little boy talking so LOUD, they are trying to go fishing YOU BABOON HEAD, SHHHH
PEA NUT BUTTER oKAY GOSH OPPA SHHHH, you needs to be more quiet, lower your
voice DOWN WOO GOSH, and my younger sister and I fall and hit my butt cheeks,
GOSH, it is this SHOE, I am going to kick and kick and kick oh GOSH and I be
laying on the ground HAHAHAHAHA ELAINE looks OH NO NO HAHAHAHA and I raise two
legs OH GOSH GOSH, look at the two little legs and I am moving fast around OH
COME HERE ME KITTY KITTY and my younger sister stops and turns, WHAT DUH, WHAT
IS me OPPA doing, OH GOSH LOOK at the people looking at this round beach ball,
GAH LEE, and I open my mouth hahahaha I NEED ME PEANUT BUTTER OH AHH WOOO
that KAT SO called KITTY KAT KAT, I am going to kick with a smile when that
kitty comes near the words that would say OH KAT HAHAHAHA KAT KAT KAT Oh MISS
KITTY, I am going to use this shoe and slap on the lip after I receive me PEA
slaps the lip OH YEAH WOO YAH YAH and she will say ME OW, OH I am not a KAt call
me HELLO KITTY, AM I A KAT well I think you are a KAT if you say HELLO KITTY,
looks, UM UNNI YAH, what is your OPPA saying, ON only here KAT and KITTY ALOT, I
do not know what the heck he is talking about, ONLY about peanut butter and
hitting WHAT and my younger sister looks, ELAINE, what did you hear what me OPPA
say about me ee, he says something about a SHOE and hit the lip OH HECK NOO, I
AM not going to give that boy no peanut butter, LET HIM roll around, I AM not
going to get him nothing, and I WOULD stop, and I WOULD sit up,

SISSY and my younger sister is standing next to ELAINE, OINK, SISSY, did you not
say you are going to bring peanut BUTTER and my younger sister looks at ME NOPE,
NOT ANY more you goose head, YOU JUST sit there and enjoy the sun, and I am like
HUH, I thought you say you will bring me that JAR, I THOUGHT you say, OH Where
is ME peanut BUTTER, SISSY YAH AHHH give me that peanut butter and I would lay
NUT BUTTER YOU MUFFIN HEAD and ELAINE point and the two legs would kick fast in
the air HAhAHAHAH, he is riding a bicycle on air HEEE HEEE OH NOO WOO, and I
would hear SON, SON and I stop my both legs kicking in the air, OINK, I HEAR the
voice, who is it, who is it and I am looking side to side, and I sit UP and I
see my mama and ESTHER is standing next to my mama, and both holding like three
bowls and I look, SON, and my younger sister looks OH MAH! MAMA, and she looks,
MY daughter, ElAINE, what is your OPPA doing on that ground, is he getting
himself to be dirty, I have washed and clean and have to do the laundry and that
is A clean clothes he is wearing, and I am sitting on the ground, one hand on my
tom tom screetch screetch screetch scratch OPPA, and my mama looks at me, SON,
Ah dor, I DO not like the fact you are trying to get dirty, and my mama looks,
OKAY you girls, we are going to get some oysters, since your father's birthday
and you know my daughter how much he loves it fresh and I look, OH MAH I am
going to sit HERE and I am going to wait for the sun to go down and I am going
to catch me a live bird and my younger sister, HAHAHAHAHAH, OH GOSH ELAINE, do
you hear what me OPPA is going to do, OKAY OPPA, then WHAT and I look I am going
to catch me that bird and show ELAINE to bite her top of the head HAHAHAHAH and
my younger sister looks OH BOO WOO, HAHAHAHAH, SO you know what it will happen
first, that bird might first attack him and make him look like that bird the OWL
RIGHT, and ONLY your face oppa, SHOW ELaine

your FACE of what that OWL has done and it will be enough HAHAHAhAh OH GEEEZ
HAHAHAHAH, I DO not think that bird will be happy if you try to catch it, OPPA
it be better if you even try to catch a live fish, that is WHY we are here, to
catch a FISH, not to catch no bird, HAHAHAH, you see you see, ME OPPA is
confused again, he does not know his purpose WHY he is here in the first place,
HE thinks we are here to catch an OWL HAHAhAhaha and my mama looks SON, AH DRO,
come and LET US GO, we are going to and I LOOK and I see the large bowls OH GOSH
and I lay down on the ground HAHAHAhaH, OH MAH look at that big ole fruit basket
head, HE does not want to goo woo, SUCH and ELAINE points, WHY IS your OPPA
laying down there, I think it is hot, he is not under the shade anymore, he
should lay down under the shade right and my younger sister looks NOPE, the chip
monks are going to pass by and see, if the BUSH does not move, they are going to
have a happy landing, one will jump off OH WEEEE and the four will see oh, that
bush is safe, NOW we all jump, OH WEEE what a HAPPY LANDING HAHAHAHAHA and my
mama looks you guys are just killing me and my younger sister looks at me I am
laying HAHAHAHah, after what we say about he be that bush, HE knows cause he saw
the five chip monks and they are talking, OH LOOK what a FAT little BUSH
NOW, he has no choice but to lay on that ground, and I AM looking up laying
down, GOSH I DO NOT WANT O GOO WOO, I hate hitting them hammer and my mama son,
OH SON, AH DOR RAH, SHOW me your arms, and I am thinking show what ARMS, I do
not have arms that is a shot gun, OH NOO WOO, and I hear the foot steps and it
not have time,

let us GO, YOUR father and his friends are going to be hungry for dinner, SO
COME and JOIN me and your sister and her friends, COME NOW SON and I am like
GARR AARRR OOO RAHH OOWLL, I DO NOT want to GO, I want to lay DOWN here on the
sun, OH MAH I am tanning, can you not see, ME tanning, my skin is just too pale
OH GOSH, ELAINE, do you hear now the kind of excuses he is making HAHAHAH
tanning, where is his swimming pants, so only the face and the arms, HAHAHAH,
what kind of tanning do I see, OH NOO WOO HAHAHAHah, he just do not want to goo
woo HAHAHAHAH and I am moving my head side to side laying on te groound I DO NOT
want to goo woo OH MAH YAH, OH MAH you see you see, my legs are tired and I want
to lay here on the sun, let my legs recover from walking around AHHH HAHAHAH and
I hear another foot steps OH GOSH OPPA,HAHAHHA, why are you giving out OH MAH
such a HARD Time, YOU SEEE that we are ready to GO, but OPPA and I sit up, SON,
AH DOR RAH, and I LOOK UP HUH, COME and let us go now, I have the bowls here,
YOU CAN just sit next to me then and my younger sister HUH, OH MAH, so you are
going to make him just sit there and do NOTHING, while you are the one to hammer
the shell of the oysters, IS oppa going to have some, IF NOT okay he can watch
us all have our SHARE, but if he is going to eat some and not work, I AM NOT
going to hammer to give that BIG face my part of share, and I LOOK OH I WILL
watch and SEE and I would stand UP on two feet, OH WOO WHOOPIE YAY AHH HAHAHAha
and my mama would start to walk forward and she would lead, I am behind the
three little yellow girls, HAhAHA, UNNI, UNNI YAH, I never try to hammer a
Oyster shell before, IS it fun and my younger sister turns her head, FUN, not
really, it has a lot of work but it is very good after you hammer it down and
you get the Oyster out of its shell, yes, the hard labor has its cost, it has
its price because it is good once

you know you worked very hard for IT and my mama turns around as we all are
walking, There it is, that is the place and my mama would pass by some people,
some sitting on the right and left on stones, and I see my father and his
friends and he looks oH LOOK, and I look over oh, LOOK AH PAH is there and my
father looks at ME SON, oh COME, come, I have your pole over here, and my father
would walk up the rocks and he stops my mama, OH MY WIFE, where are you telling
the kids and my mama looks at the bowls and raises up, you see this, for the
oysters and I look OH FATHER, and my father looks at me, WHY don't you guys do
the oyster later, I want my son to go fishing, HOW about crab HUNTING and I look
OH YEAH, AH PAH, I want to do that, OH gosh, the hammer hits me thumb, what If I
cannot use my hand because of me thumb from the hammer, SO I cannot go crab
hunting, I CaN help to catch me some crabs, and my mama looks, and turns and to
look at the four children, SO kids, what do you guys want to do, do you think
your father is right, I mean it is all your choices and I raise me HAnd, YEAH, I
love me crab hunting, I can catch the baby crab even with me pinky and I raise
my hand and my four fingers goes down except me pinky, HAHAHAHA, YOU SEE YOU SEE
and my father looks at ME HAHAHAH outta BOY and his hand touches my head and
rubs around HAHAHAHA YOU SEE, that is WHY I call me OPPA English BULL DOG, even
my father says OUTTA BOY like he is a DOG, HAHAHA, only all about food, sleep
and dump, HAHAHAHA and my mama looks, and Elaine raises, I WANT to see crabs, OH
WOW WOW, I want to see DJ catch with his pinky too, JUST like he says and I LOOK
at ELAINE, and I did not say the big ones tho, they look like they can break me
pinky, I say if it is a baby crab OKAY and she looks HAHAHAH and knod her head
up and down, I SEE I SEE and my mama looks HOW about you my daughter and Esther
and both girls

look, We will help you mama, both of them can go and see the crabs, we will join
after the oyster and my mama looks, NO, I need a lot more than you too, let us
get it later, GIVE me the three more bowls, I will be with your father over
there watching him fish, and my father points, the four of you may go over on
the other side, I will bring you the strings with the two chicken legs and two
peanut butter big rolls, and I look OH BOY OH BOY and I would bend on two legs
and I would JUMP UP UP UP but arms up like V hahahahhaha OH SHOO WOOO HAHAHAH
JUMPING UP UP UP and I stop and the three little girls would go down to the rock
and they would stand there to wait, I would go down the last and my father
comes, OKAY the little children, I hope that you can bring a lot crabs in for me
and my friend, WHILE we are going fishing you guys go crab hunting and I Open my
looks at the four strings, and he looks, what do you want and I LOOk, I Love the
one with the chicken leg and Elaine stands next to me, OH ME TOO, CAN I have the
one with the chicken leg, that looks so YUMS HAHAHAHAH and my father gives me
and Elaine the the two the other the peanut butter rolls and I look oH crabs
Crabs Crabs OH YEA WHOAAAAAA! and I use my hand and I would toss into the water
and the other hand with the strings and Elaine looks, is that all you do, just
toss the leg into that water and she uses the other hand and toss the legs and
the other two and we are all standing there, DJ, DJ, so what is NeXT, why are we
just standing here for, are we not catching them crabs and I am like SHHH
ELAINE, we must be very quiet, if the voices are just too loud, we might scare
them away and I look and there was a rock in the shallow of the water and it
sticks out of the water and ELAINE LOOKS OH GOSH, LOOK right there and I am
looking around, OH GOSH, that one

right there and I am thinking look at what and she points that rock, YOU SEE YOU
SEE and my younger sister looks at Esther, UNNI, I AM going to move and be next
to my OPPA okay and she looks ALright and my younger sister pulls the strings
out of the water and she walks around and stands next to me, OPPA, HAHAHHA, what
is happening,