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People always ask how much should my baby weigh, just for example, how much should a two year old weigh.
Here is my answer.

The sulcata's present natural territory spans a distance of approximately 3000 miles horizontally across Africa. It's vertical distribution averages only about about 200 miles. Many factors, such as tortoise mobility, huge distances and terrain, prohibits a homogeneous mixing of genes throughout the Sulcata's natural range. This fact means that Sulcatas ... in the western range have a different genetic makeup from the ones in the eastern range. In other words, there are multiple races or 'locales' of Sulcatas.

There is much more to this distribution saga that is traceable back in time for approximately 130,000 years but I will not go into that right now.

Sulcatas have been exported from their natural environment to other countries for the most part for the past 40 years. During this exportation, very few records were kept and even fewer people asked where specifically did their imported Sulcata come from. The result after all this time is that the overwhelming majority of Sulcatas that are in the pet trade are a mix of several different locales.

Some locales typically grow quite large ( 250 + lbs) while others grow much smaller ( less than 90 lbs). Because of the mix that we have now, it is common place to have Sulcatas grow at much different rates even within the same clutch.

Besides large genetic variations there are other major factors governing the growth rates of Sulcatas. Husbandry issues account for most of the other factors. Husbandry issues start with the care given to the mother. Egg incubation is another factor. Care of the neonate Sulcata, especially within the first month after hatching, is extremely important. After this time, food, temperature, humidity, etc., are the final determining factor. what garment to buy for that won't cost much in white color

A two year old can weigh between a half pound to 10 pounds. This answer does not really tell you how much a baby should weigh. Your question should be, "Is my Sulcata healthy?" Only you can answer this question. By monitoring its weight over time, you will have a better idea. If your Sulcata has a very consistent growth rate, is eating properly and is kept in the proper environment then it is healthy and should remain so.

This is Kendall at 1 1/2 years old.

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